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Dying to live, confessions of suicide. G.E.  Wilson

Dying to live, confessions of suicide.

G.E. Wilson

256 pages
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 About the Book 

This book paints a sincere picture of those who suffer with mental illness. It is not to be taken light-heartedly.Many books have been written about depression, each educating us on how a specific ailment can be treated, others offering remarkable insight into the phenomenon of our biochemistry. This particular book however, provides an alternative approach to mental illness through the eyes of those who have suffered.Dying to Live, confessions of suicide is so titled because the author is one of the millions of people who had fallen prey to a suicide attempt. The pages within reflect not only upon suicide, but also depression, anxiety, grief, low self esteem, drug abuse, mental illness disorders, and related material.The flux of this book is to help others not only understand their mental ailment, but how to ease the pain and ultimately move forward.Authors note: I am bringing this book into the light of day because I have fought hard for something I believe in, having suffered, having communicated with people who suffer, and having listened to their courageous stories. Some felt banished by society because they attempted suicide after living a life of hell, others because they were sexually abused as children and are now suffering extreme consequences. There are those who are oblivious and fail to comprehend why, perhaps it is genetic, a chemical imbalance, or it could have been a tragedy, again there is no shame. So let us discuss this “Taboo” subject, and shed some light instead of turning our backs.This book is outstanding! I applaud the courage it took to write. Carol EdmundsThis book may change your life!