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She Walks on the Wild Side Foley Western

She Walks on the Wild Side

Foley Western

Published June 14th 2011
ISBN : 9781456780746
176 pages
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Tanya had everything, subsequently she thought she knew what she wanted out of life. That was until she met Leo, a superbly good looking man who completely turned her well ordered life upside down.Her lashes fluttered down and then up with a nerve flickering in her jawbone because she didnt know any more how to go on fighting him. I dont regret leaving Hawaii she replied quietly. It was not my plan to allow this complication into my life.Then would you say that, whatever else we might not plan---staying away from each other is hell? He stared into her brown eyes that were partly defiant, partly honest. It has been hell for me Tanya, thats why I am here Leo said.Her lips parted and her breath caught in her throat as their eyes met and held. Nothing altered the way this man affected her, not the arrogance he could assume, the experience with women he couldnt deny. Nothing changed the impact of those grey/blue eyes, the straight powerful nose and the tall discreetly strong body on her mind. Yet something has changed, she thought confusedly. There is no denying the need for her that she could see written all over his face, and in the tenseness of his body, she couldnt deny it was there now---as much as hers was.Perhaps we could heal each other, he said.